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What is Reform Judaism?

Reform Judaism is a vibrant way to express your Jewish soul. Developed in the 19th century, Reform Judaism provided a way for Jews to take advantage of the cultural advances of the Enlightenment Period while maintaining their religious identity.

Once the movement took root in America, it gave Jews living in this land of opportunity the ability to develop a modern approach to religious practice. Reform Judaism encourages Jewish education among children and adults because it relies on the individual’s deep levels of understanding when making ethical decisions.

Reform practice has changed over the years. As we say, “Reform is a verb.” Although early reformers removed or changed many observances, customs and attitudes found at home or in synagogue services, current practice embraces serious Shabbat observance and encourages both eco-kashrut and the more traditional types of kashrut. The original American Reform focus on Social Action as an answer to the call of the ancient Prophets of Israel remains a bulwark of the movement.