Message from Barbara Feman, President:


The number ten is significant in the Jewish religion. 

The world was created in ten utterances. The Ten Commandments were given to us. Ten constitutes a minyan.  There were ten plagues. The letter “yud “represents  ten.  The number 10 reoccurs throughout our history....
Message from M. Irene Stolzenberg, Anniversary Committee Chair:

The late Ann Landers said that “the Lord does not take vacations. (S)He is always on the job.” 

That sounds a bit like our Rabbi, Peg Kershenbaum. Immediately upon assuming office as president, the immediate past president gets a call that goes like this...

With Thanks and appreciation for a job well done
Barbara Feman
Sally Grotta
Honi Gruenberg
Ellen Kagan
Norma Krasne-Levine
Phyllis Miller
Bill Nathan
Ellen Nathan
Beverly Novick
Eleanor Schultz
Skip Spady
Sandy Spinner
Leslie Stine
Irene Stolzenberg
Shelly Wismer

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